Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a birthday that came and went...

I have been so busy and yet somehow so calm as everything has been so different these last months.
The hours that I actually spend teaching my son have gone down from thiry hours to twenty, he is spending so much time playing with his classmates, I supervise, but mostly spend my time watching from afar interfering only when I hear raised voices or occaisonally when he drifts away and tries to pull himself out of games.
Two friends or more are still a challenge. I set up such playdates about once a week.
I have started to see myself more often in him. When he tries to hide behind a book instead if chatting. Small talk took me a long time to learn.
 He will learn as well, but it all takes time.

I pull him close as a classmate runs inside the school tyo get his schoolbag.
Do not get lost in books while you have a friend over I remind him. Using an Icelandic expression that would literally tranlate as do not lie down in books. You can read when your friend is gone.
Nope he answears, so sage so good, I am going to sit.

And while his friend is over I make list of common expressions that could be misunderstood it taken literally. He loves his new program. He finds it hilarious to act out the literal expression and comparing it to what it really means.

Donald duck is his newfound obsession and everything that has to do with him. We get a new magasine every week and Sturla has decided to become a postman.

His class came over for his birthday a nice uneventful day. They are lovely boys.

Sometime he gets irritated over tiny things and he has to learn to curb his outbursts and master a more pleasant manner on occasions, who does not. I see that many of the hings I am practising with him, his little friends need practising as well.
Some more than others. So it goes.

He keeps making strides and some days are better than others. I hear him say things that amaze me. They are simple mundane things. Things he would not have done last year.
Such simple things.
"Mom please do not buy all the things you see, it takes forever."
Asking his brothers "Hei guys, have you seen my Donald duck figure"
These are things that tell me he is watching his environment and paying attention and making conclusions.
Some days are wonderful.

He is dooing well in school, the subjects are easy.
Planning and paying attention is not.

I signed up for the nanomo writing challenge and it goes slowly, sooo slow, but at least I am making an effort, an effort that would not have been possible a few months ago.

He is eight years old now. A big boy in spite of his small stature. A boy that I believe has climbed a very high mountain.
And I have started to believe everything is possible.