Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer winter and we start again

Summer came and summer went.
It was a slow in  coming and it seemed to disappear just as quickly...
and some would say it never came at all.
It was cold and rainy and windy. Nothing seemed to bloom until august.
We went to Norway too seek out the sun and some family.
I took our working stuff aaway and it collected dust for whole six weeks.
I took a few worry loops and leaps in my head and left it at that.
It was good.
I found out that Norway has beaches, lovely sun baked rocks and strawberries in abundance.
Sturla was happy and a bit absent minded during our vacation. But I knew there was a lot for him to take in.
He dicovered the sequel to Despicable me but refused to see it in Norway. Is it in Icelandic he asked. will be either in English or Norwegian. Will it have subtitles he asked again. Nope...not in Icelandic.
We will see it at home then.
And we came home to the rain and the wind.
And we went camping and our tent flew away in the wind.
And we had a hard time starting our program up again. We were both lazy and wanted to enjoy ourselves and not do anything at all. It took awhile but litlle by little so achingly slowly we found new games to work for and settled into routine we met our consultant and bit by bit we were on that horse again.

Listening, retelling and wh questions
reading comprehension inferences
R sound (the rolling juicy kind)
retelling stories
adjectives and descriptions
emotional vocabulary and definitions
reading and acting
cooperation during tasks
writing stories and events
Theory of mind, through stories and acting

The first meeting at school is past us and everything is just so swell. He plays during recess with a two and three and sometimes four classmates. He loves telling in circle time. He has no curriculum at school that is different than his peers. The teacher worries more that he is bored by the subject than that he is left behind. His aide is wonderful. We need to work on attention as before and staying on task.
It is fall after all and the leaves are blowing ever so hypnotically on the trees.
M is still his best best friend and there are three others that he has connection with. He has playdates two and three times a week like last winter and I am on the lookout of where we need to work.
There is a lot to teach.
But life is surprisingly smooth.