Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer break

Summer break.
Saying goodbye to first grade celebrating that we did it, he made friends he did great.
Those little peers lining up asking me when they can visit. Chatting with the mothers agreeing we will stay in touch during the summer.
A tight hug for his teacher and aide.

Next year we will set new goals and raise the bar,
 but that is in three months. Three long months

We are working a lot on vocabulary. New words to describe emotions.
There is instant generalisation.
 As if he was just waiting to get his hands on a tool like that, he uses every opportunity to practice. I do nothing but watch.
I am hugging you warmly he says and I receive one of those warm tight ones. Now you feel good in your heart.
And I do.

I am so excited I cannot wait. I am thoughtful I am thinking so much.
And on and on as if he is going through the list of his newly acquired vocabulary in his mind.

There is suddenly meat on the bones.
Juicy language.
And I am already thinking of where to go next.
Greedy meat eater

The spring is still cold and I complain of the wind and rain. At least there is no snow anymore in the south. My garden is getting greener every day. I trust that Norway will offer summer as we will be visiting my brother in the beginning of july.
Until then we will settle for the fresh chilliness and bright nights of Icelandic summer.
It is beautiful.