Monday, April 1, 2013

An update on march

It flew past..that is what happened.
I hardly remember.
March happened and it is an effort to know what was...
The sixth of march there was a heavy snowstorm I pick my kids up early from school.
I drive carefully slowly because of the icing and we are alright it is good to be home.
The day after it rains and the last furious remnants of winter are washed away.

The fifteenth of march is my late fathers birthday and I am already tired and sad. I feel bad forgetting his birthday and when a friend posts a picture of him on facebook I cry my heart out.

I am taking a dive.

I am a bad teacher when I am down ...i have a hard time backing down... stubborn as I am and it takes a herculaean effort to pull my self together. slow down rest repeating the mantras...happiness is a choice.. fake it till you make it and I do...
 I think

Sometimes trying is the best you can do.
There are already signs of spring if only for the longer days and those hesitant lilies in my garden.
Winter is over.
...wonderful steps have been made and it is time to rise the stakes.
it is time to remember that joy is the key.

I have no manuals anymore. I bought some books but it is a lot of work trying to put together programs and translate and make new worksheets.

I am not sure why I never know my limits. perhaps this is just the way I tick and time to accept that.

Our consultant has started seeing us again. But she does not have much time. Her tiny newborn is waiting at home. I am grateful for the fact that she still makes time too see us.

I am pulling our stuff apart and switching programs after our last meeting. In an effort to crush boredom and make learning a pleasant thing. He likes some things more than others...and he loves printing out pictures and writing stories...the stories are still more or less a description of what he sees. But I try and sneak in questions and suggestions to make him think of motives and feelings.

Inferences are coming to stay for a long time. Variety in working material is necessary... this guy gets quickly bored.

Vocabulary. I am working on a wider variety of words to descripe feelings as well as teaching common proverbs.

The clock has come along way...

Money. Counting and thinking of what is equal linking this back to math which is going fine.
Math and music often go together so we are relativley fine in this are. now and the we stumble is as it is...
written math... has to do with language not so much with math

listening skills.

listening and answearing wh questions....tough stuff. makes me despair...I am trying to find the right sise of steps. He gets bored with repetition and zones out....
 I make stories about angry birds and zombies and his friends..I think I have to make frequent and short visits on this....Or he will zone me out lock the door and throw away the key

Reading and taking turns

Independence. I let him go alone into the mens room at the pool. In my excuse I had not slept the previous night . Could not follow him obviously. he refused to come with me. I sent a pool guard in to check on him. He came out minus one shirt and a towel and had dried himself off with toilet paper because he lost his towel. I call that problem solving and I am satisfied with the results.

I am revisiting theory of mind. Trying to get my act together...i want him to become aware how he affects people and that he can influence the way other think of him. Humonguous goal....

I wonder if I should explain his autism to him. I am not sure. He is such a baby still.

My daugther went into the hospital for an appendicitis operation. She came home the next day. Sturla belived she had a broken leg that is why you go to the hospital in his mind.
General knowledge is an issue obviously, and a necessity for conclusions as well as inferences.

Easter has come and gone our teeth hurt after all that chocolate and Sturla has been loving his vacation.  He got two friends to visit. It  went well... at least okay
 He needs more visits like that.

We are plodding on. Spring is in the air. The winds are changing and we are good.