Thursday, January 31, 2013

Right on track

Our curriculum for the beginning of the new year.

Reading comprehension.
Drawing inferences
Retelling a story he just read in the right order
vocabulary from that story.
Wh questions from that same story.
Describing events...
Discriminating between ask and tell (too him it sounds the same in icelandic) ...again...
Writing stories
Telling the time.
Telling jokes
Telling riddles.
Social skills...having play dates, playing sessions conversations.

New challenges arise...I can now see how literal his language is. I pick out what I notice trying to explain how that or this is just a thing we say...a picture we draw with words.

He tries to make rules.
M is my friend...he states as if he needs no other and refuses to let other children join.
But M has a mind of his own...I am not sure he gets that.... too obsessed with his own.

it is on that endless list.

stubborn becomes rigid...
bend...not too break....
how is it done?

Look... I am looking at you so beautifully he states during a session ...and he is and gets a token for it.
He shows signs of being able to evaluate how he did.
I getting him into more group activity. Lego classes at school. His piano teacher has group lessons.
He has started to follow one friend around in recess.
I make a gesture with my hands where he sits in school singing with all the classes, to show him his hair is unruly...smooth it I say with my hands. He obliges.
Small victories.

We have playdates once or twice a week...such a slow going.
Small victories.
Defeats make a setting for a new stage. 
Our consultant is unavailable for the time being...I miss her badly.

Sooo slow but still we are on it...right on it.