Thursday, August 30, 2012

The first days of school in first grade and a birthday party... on crutches.

Everyone was all smiles and happy vibes. I felt strangely comfortable the first day..
He said goodbye and went with his aide...not even looking back at his mamma.

He still has that plaster on.
Running is almost possible on crutches. Still he manages... he goes forth in long swoops and swings and sometimes I have to run to catch up. He has mastered the crutches big time.
I picked him up just after lunch as we agreed to keep the first day short. He was still happy and still smiling.
"We go back tomorrow" he says matter of factly, as we enter the car.

There is a birthday party invitation in his back pack with a picture of a blond boy posing as soccer player.
I have no idea what to do about it.
Sturla loves birthdays... but can I leave him for two hours in a strange house?
I did in the end.
Nervously I ring that doorbell and a tall blond woman and a trail of young boys  open the door. I think I should accompany him for a while I explain...he is new in the class and he is on crutches I mumble vaguely.
...Lets use those crutches...
Sturla is already speeding up the stairs and I follow ...feeling stupid and superfluous in the party. He enters the room and starts looking at a book. In a while he approaches a boy and says Hi. T what are you doing and sits down beside that boy not really waiting for an answer and starts playing with some things.
I am speechless.
And I decide too take my leave...
A little over an hour later I am back to pick him up and he is beaming with happy...
As we leave he asks the hosts mother the name of her camera and if she has batteries in it.
The camera is called canon and it has batteries.
She is a bit taken aback with him and answers dutifully.
Yup...that is resolved then.
He leaves smiling with a bag of candy which I let him eat in the car even though it is dinner time in an hour.

The second day of school goes smoothly as well.
The third day there is a tiny complaint as the car stops and we are about to enter the school.
He says he does not want to go.

This is all it takes to shatter my confidence.
I take him in my arms and tell him that I will be fetching him soon enough to go home. He needs that touch and melts into my arms for a second and then he hobbles out of the car and into the school. I walk with him to the classroom where his teacher and 19 other fellow students wait and leave him in the hand of his aide.
Today he leaves happily again and I am glad I let him attend that birthday party. He wants so badly to connect.
A word or a smile will make him think he has a new best friend. That is all it takes.
The little friends though become bewildered by him quickly enough and I am terrified that things will take the wrong turn and he will be rejected.
I has only been a few days now.
But this is it.
It will not get easier it will just be a different kind of hard  and every year has new challenges.
I guess I will just bask in the sunny fact that the last days have gone well enough and he is happy.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camping, rhubarb and a broken leg

 The camping king.
Climbing as high as the mother can take and getting down when she starts tearing her hair out.
Strokkur sprouts water every few minutes. What I loved more was that When we sat down on a bench Sturla made a garden in the sand with pebbles and sand.
 Happy brothers
Rocks are made for climbing.
 Eiki is my best friend he says.
 The beach and the gate to the center of the earth in the background.
The water is freezing, but who cares they dive in anyway and dance to the clatter of their teeth.
We were driving back from our camping trip and decided to stop at one of our favorite spots. There was wind all around but magically that spot on the beach was calm. White sand beaches are rare in Iceland.

The rhubarb testing and the bowl of sugar. He did not really like it but tasted it several times anyway to please his mother
 The broken leg and the boy attached to it. He did so well at the hospital..answered any question asked some were asked multiple times from different doctors and nurses. What is your name, do you have a best friend how old are you and on and on and on...,so patient with the social niceties of the world...aimed to calm him.
And yup we are getting on that plane to France tomorrow broken leg and all.