Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A fishing trip and a tiny little turd

I enjoy this summer. Even though I am still working every day and will not get any vacation until the beginning of august. It does not matter.
Sturla is so lively and funny I feel I am getting to know him again...he used to be like this only now his language is better now.
I got all my boys out of the house just now. I asked them to go and fish some fish into a bucket and handed them nets on a stick or whatever it is called...I wanted a break to drink my coffee do do some laundry or whatever make some phonecalls...just a break.
They started arguing Sturla got sulky and cross Dabbi refused to participate and do his share and I got pissed.
They came back before the fishing trip started.
I started telling them off ( his older brothers) Sturla cried. DUHH
Those who cannot play outside and do various fun things can not be on the computer playing their favorite games was my respnse and then I left them alone. To do some thinking.
They love the computer all of them and we need strict rules or they will spent the summer inside in front of the screen. That is not my idea of summer.
Sturla came to me and pointed out to me that he was crying.
Yes, I acknowledged and went about my business.
A very unsympathetic cold mother.
Few minutes later he got the bucket and the nets and said I am going fishing.
Go and ask Eiki to come with you I told him.
Hey Eiki do you want to go fishing?
And then Jöri came (he really likes his time for his favorite game)
And Dabbi...and they all went
... and now it is raining and I feel guilty.
Not really enjoying my coffee.

We have been practising impossible commands...
I say... hey... Sturla walk through that wall.
His reply: No I can not.
Why I ask?
Because it is thick or made of stone or something along those lines.

We have also been talking about pee and shit and such disgusting stuff get the idea.
Sturla got a good one or so he thought.
He brought me a tiny turd he made all by himself and asked me to eat it. expecting me to go through the practised recital...
No I can not
because it is disgusting

Instead he got a very thorough hand washing

He is getting ideas now and too many of them are pretty wild.
Does the cat fly? OOpps
Do we drink pee? NOOOO
I think I need to settle him better into reality ...only fantasy is more fun.
I totally get that.
His favorite game these days is to ask impossible questions and answer yes and then ask true questions and answer no.
And of course laugh hysterically.

Here they come soaking wet and so happy with one tiny little fish.


  1. I am so afraid that I will end up having to lock away the consoles in the shed again this summer as my son's behaviour deteriorates. I think I need to take some lessons from you!

    1. I have had to work out a be positive chart to get him doing things he like, the computer is both a curse but his skills on it are a blessing too.

  2. What a great day that was! Sturla definitely did well with 'impossible commands' with that little turd, lol!!! And all the boys got what they wanted (and worked it all out together.) I bet that was the cutest little fish!!!

    1. Totally cute and definatly cuter than the turd.

  3. I really like this post. It reads like great fiction. . . but better, since it's real!


    1. Thanks, life is better than fiction, at least in summer.

  4. OMG, you made me laugh *so* much with the little turd story!! And that's cool they ended up going fishing anyway, even if it started raining a little. They caught a fish!! **woohoo!**

    1. if a fish should be was so tiny, but yehh ...whoohoo...

  5. OMG I love him
    I loved the turd story

    1. I had a hard time keeping a straight face at the time.

  6. I have to laugh....just the other day my son asked me, "hey you know what you find when you stick your finger up your anus?" I answered, "Err, no?!?" thinking I would get a medical definition of the rectum and he answered, "POO, you get POO!" He almost threw up laughing so hard. I was not as pleased as he was......

    1. He so got you there.
      That was hilarious :)

  7. I'm trying to picture your son walking up to you with a lump of poo in his hand! Ugh, boys are icky little things. Thankfully the poo has not left the toilet at my house, and hopefully never will.

    Going fishing on a summer day sounds lovely. Where you live sounds wonderful.

  8. well...he was smugly smiling and his hand outstretched and the poo was the size of a fly. Does that help :)