Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy graduation

My oldest child, my daughter is graduating.
We invite everyone we know and have meant something in our daughters life.
We do not do babtisms or confirmations but this we will do with gusto.
She is and was the funniest kid ever. She was so from the moment she was born.
Nothing ever happened fast enough for her. Walking, talking.
She could climb walls and she was never still, she knew and still can recite countless Disney movies and texts.
She pretended to be a lion for a year at the time hubby was studying in the USA and she did not understand the language so she just growled at people.
She still does occasionally.
Awww what a sweet little girl someone would say and in return she would stretch her neck forward and do this amazing lion growl.
She has always been amazing to me.
She plays the flute and has taught herself to play both piano and guitar and she sings and I firmly believe she can do absolutely anything.
She has no idea what she wants to be.
Perhaps she can sing Disney songs somewhere.
Perhaps she can growl.
I am sure she will do a good job whatever she makes up her mind to do.

Time has gone so fast and she is grown up.
In April she was in car that went off the road during a snow storm...only fifeteen metres and they would have fallen into the sea 200 metres down.
There would have been no more singing.
Luck was on our side.

I want to celebrate your future darling beloved daughter. Your joi de vivre your humor and loudness. Your soft heart and common sense.
I am a lucky mother.

It was a great party with singing and music.The higlight being when the her father sang Mufasa´s song to her I wish I had it recorded.


  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter! I always love your writing and the way you paint a picture of the people and events in your life.

  2. Gorgeous photograph and congratulations! It's an odd feeling when you have a grown up child, but you should be very proud x

    1. I am bursting not encourage me:)

  3. What a beautiful picture!!! Congratulations on her graduation! It's amazing how fast time flies!

    1. I am so toatally caught up in that where did the time go whirlwind...

  4. What a beautiful pair - she looks like her mother.

    I hope there are some adventures ahead of her. Does she have plans?

    Isn't it a strange moment, seeing them as adults all of a sudden?

    1. She has plans alright... going to south America for five months to look at the scenery and find herself I guess. She cannot hear me when I tell her she is not there...I am worrying as hard as I can and irritating her.
      I both worry... and hope she will have the time of her life.

  5. She is soooooo beautuful
    looks so much like you !
    I hope she has a wonderful time in SA

  6. Wow, she's stunning! And so accomplished, congratulations to you both! I love the way you express yourself, it's such a beautiful thing to read and such a lovely way to learn about your family... What beautiful smiles!!

    1. thank you :) glad too see you awaken from your hiatus.

    2. Thank you!! Sometimes I have to hide from the internet... **lol** Hope you're all doing well, I guess the weather has picked up some for you guys by now? It did for us for a while, but we're back to wind and rain. **yay summer?**