Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it spring yet...?

Little bits of general knowledge drilled in by DTT sessions.
Tiny seeds of information
trying to make a pattern
books about seasons.. pictures...conversations about the weather.

Then he stands by the window and the snow is gone
the trees still black and dripping wet and the bright green of brave lilies

This unruly head of hair like chicken ass in the wind... we laugh
blond baby hair turning dark
he is getting long and lanky
pyjamas too short
cleft forming in his chin.
getting into mischief..
cutting curtains and drawing on walls.
He has a new way of saying yes... a no nonsense, kind of way.
yup... he says and it sounds short and brisk.
as if he has other better things to do with his time than answer my ongoing questions.
It is a I am busy kind of yup....
a lets turn to other things kind of yup...
a leave me alone kind of yup...
It is a very independent yup.

Is it spring yet?
he asks ...

I relent, and declare... yes... it is spring.
Hoping we have seen the last batch of snow.
Hoping the weather gods will humor me.
See...we need consistency. Teaching the cycles of seasons and weather
....please humor me this time.
And still I know very well it might snow again at least once perhaps twice.
It is only april after all.

But then again the lilies prove it...
and the days are getting long and bright.


  1. Is it spring yet? he asks.


  2. Oh. . . also. . . I can rarely tolerate poetry, but I like this.

  3. So beautiful. I hope the snow is over too.

  4. You make me laugh, "This unruly head of hair like chicken ass in the wind."

    I hope your snow is over too, and you have a beautiful spring.

  5. I love this! I hope you guys have seen the last of the snow! In our case it's just the opposite, we don't always get a lot of snow, so from February - April my little guy has been asking me to "make it snow"!! If only I could sweetheart, if only I could... **lol**

  6. We had the only snow of the winter last week - as you saw on my blog! Hopefully we've seen the back of it, and you too x

  7. love your posts
    they seem like poetry sometimes