Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day one and two

Day one.
Shit I am not doing this...damn should we not go? just fuck the system.
We go ( my rebel heart very small) and are met by two young women who barely see their subject of assesment, they are so busy being scientific.
Guess no one told them pshychology is not a real science.(my smartass father told me this once, he was a real one ( scientist I mean) so that is why I know)

Sturla is happy and lively in the beginning but quickly starts yawning and giving silly answears. Sometimes he ignores them sometimes he gets sidetracked in his mind.
Name me something elsa than a car that has wheels. Four he says...ahhh the examiner replies ( she thinks he said bycicle as he can not yet say a rolling r) bicycle!...two he replies.

I am in a absurd play and look around almost thinking there must be a rhinocerous in the room.
Nothing here and I mean nothing, the room is bare and cold and totally uninteresting.
He yawns and it goes on and on and on. I asked if he could have a token system. no that would not be suitable.

Stupid stupid I think.
I am getting seriously pissed.
Sturla is getting seriously bored and starts yawning more and more and doing his ignoring thing.
He is really good at ignoring.
Can we go home now?
Not yet...

We are both getting pissed me more than him. During a short break I loose it a little bit. Just a little bit. I tell the examiner that she needs to establish a connection with the subject and that the subject is not being cooperative.
 You know what. It is all part of the game.

Fuzzy answers about generalisation.
pissedy piss

When we get home I am furious and declare that if hubby wants this test done he will do the rest himself. I am not participationg in this stupid stupidity.
I have great vocabulary when I am mad.

Day two.
I cool off during the night.. a little bit. we make some calls.
One is about the results they are ours and ours only. We let them know how we feel about finishing this... or not finishing this.
Then we get going.
Sturla refuses... he is coaxed. and we go. Back in the exam room he refuses altogether. She tries and I stomp out muttering something about the total absurdity of this all.

He is totally noncompliant and no use continuing.
We go home and make some drama and coffee.
I write a social story make a plan and we are back two hours later. We use token system he can come to us for little treats and breaks. And the examiner makes an effort to interact a bit before they start.

We get a new room a more cozy one.
It goes better.
Still he is kept doing this for more than an hour with two short less than two minutes for breaks.

Please can we go home?

I make her stop before she is finished when he lays his head down and refuses to answer easy questions.
She agrees to continue tomorrow.
So tomorrow it is.
Stupid stupid.


  1. I'm so sorry. The testing and evaluating is the most horrible part. And it often lacks common sense.

    I feel your frustration.

  2. hugs hugs hugs darling
    I hate these
    The examiners need to be examned themselves

    1. Ugh those tests are complicated matters.

  3. I'm so sorry. When I had my younger daughter tested (for attention deficit - inattentive,) she was in a bland uninteresting room. While she was testing, the tester allowed someone to come in and change the lighting up in the ceiling in the same room! Of course she won't be paying attention and sill stop and watch (so taht she won't finish her test on time!) What were they thinking!! We later found a different place with better psychologists/testers and spent three days getting a complete assessment. We were pleased that we tried again (of course, different diagnosis) but hopefully, this test will finish wihtout so much more trouble...

    1. A new tester different diagnosis.. it says quite a bit how hard it is to make those assessments.

  4. It seems they don't seem to organise child-friendly tests :(