Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No more snow

Finally there was this heavy rain pouring down washing and cleaning a way the dark dirty clumps of winter.

I take the bus to work these days leaving behind a very happy boy in pyjamas and a sleepy eyed teenage daughter. She is so brilliant with him.
Hubby pics me up after work and there he is again...smiling and happy greeting my fellow teachers as he walks in.

We manage between us about six hours a day of therapy time.
We are still sort of cleaning up and seeing where he is.
We intend to make this work.

there is reading playing and piano and a very full program

once a week our consultant will come and right our course

Every child that comes within a ten feet radius of our house is coaxed into play and conversation and I walk around with my pockets full of sweets and silly toys to lure them.

Some of his passiveness is gone. He is more opinionated he yells more and that is good.
He needs to wake up

yell and be happy
express yourself
be mischievous and creative
and above all act up
get ideas
That is progress

good sweet and calm became passive and unresponsive lately

And I intend to wash that away like the last bits of dirty snow

Spring will be upon us very soon.
Big words...but...
I have to believe it.


  1. Lovely post! You and your husband manage 6 hours a day?! That is amazing, just amazing. It is such hard work, and so important.

    I love reading your blog and getting the perspective of someone in such a different part of the world. I hope you will humor me by also posting more pictures!!!

    1. Ha ha, the pictures depend on my hubby I am a slow learner when it comes to computer skills.. thankfully hubby is very accommodating

  2. Also, just tagged you for a meme award today. Check out the details at my blog!

  3. this is a beautiful post. It really expresses the desperate hope we have for our children. How old is your youngest son, may I ask?

  4. It's wonderful that he is so much happier! You made the best decision! Love the analogy of the washing away of the snow/spring - new beginning! :)

  5. We got some more snow today in Fredericton, NB, Canada.

    1. glad you dropped by and those are lovely pictures.