Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodbye and thanks for nothing.

This is a translation of the post I recieved from playschool this morning. Yesterday we had workshop with our consultant..which frankly was not what I hoped.

this is what they had to say

" We have decided to use a different approach to work with play. We can no longer take B(a peer) out of his group or other children in the play school.
When we work with children we want to do this on their terms and for their benefit not on their cost(lousy translation). B is not benefiiting from playing with Sturla as all the work is on Sturla's term not his.
B himself does not want to be apart from his group and has started to say so himself.
We will continue to work on play by offering various children the opportunity to a free play that comes from themselves with Sturla."

To which I replied.
First by rushing in a dramatic fashion and getting my kid out of there and then by letter.

In a response to the letter I received this morning and in explanation of my reaction.

1. A different approach than suggested by professional consultants?
2.No other children in play sessions? ...(meaning therapy work)
3. Is Sturla's therapy and progress harming other children?
4. I put a question mark on the attitude ..when teachers therapists can not see and work with children as benefits them both typical children and children with developmental delays.
5. We have never suggested that a child should be a therapist for Sturla. Or that one child should be picked out for play sessions. This has been discussed several times.
6. Free play?
a. children with autism do not learn play or social skills by osmosis.
b. Therapists claiming to work with children using aba should do so by building systematically up useful skills and make use of professional advice.

With this in mind I can not see how Sturla can continue his stay at this so and so playschool.



  1. UGH!!! Worst feeling in the world.

  2. OMG how frustrating
    and I HATE THE WAY the attitude around B - I am glad you pointed out that you were not looking for a child-therapist ( B)

    1. What we wanted to happen was that the other children would learn ways to interact with Sturla. After all there are four children there with autism 25 kids and four with autism. Everyone would benefit or so we believed.

  3. Holy..... Wow... Just wow... My heart aches for you because I know how hard you have been working for so long... Their communication to you?? Just.. Outrageous!!! And they claim to do ABA like that, to do inclusion like that? **shakes my head while sighing**

    **big hugs from far away**

    PS. Just for the record... Whatever happens next? I know you'll do an amazing job. You've been a real inspiration to me and have given me such wonderful ideas in this past year of reading your blog. Thank you *so* much for that.

    1. That is so sweet of you to say...makes my day that I have given you ideas. That is the best ever :)

  4. That is so sad to read, even when aspie boy was in mainstream, the school thought it would benefit small groups other boys in his class to take part in role play drama and other games together as part of my son's resource hours x

  5. It seems that the school just decided to make their own rules and, of course, they didn't work well. It's sad that they don't see the purpose of following professional strategies for helping kiddos. I'm glad you're removing him since they are clearly incompetent. *hug*