Sunday, January 29, 2012

Battles in the playschool

There is a silent battle going on
battle I am very much afraid I will loose...
How does one change peoples perspective and attitudes.

I am not alone though

My wonderful consultant is already coming into the playschool once a week (apart from out meetings, those were not enough as her advice was not being followed)

No use having great advice when it is ignored.

Now she is breathing down their necks..nicely but sternly.
in and out
out and in

We are on our second week of heavy breathing... third one coming up.

We actually have this great system that children with autism have a right for aba therapy in playschool.. 25-30 hours a week.

It is just no use when people are not actually doing aba. When people have no training and have such a hard time generalizing what they are being taught.
We have for the last year provided the playschool with a free course on ABA.

Meaning our consultant.

To no avail
Then there was staff problem now there is ....I do not know what...

There are only a few months until playschool is over and done with...
There will be summer.
There will be regular school and mainstreaming with a one on one aid....
The pit in my stomach grows and grows.

There are certain things I really really would want him to get better at before we start school

Following group orders.
Talking to peers,
Attention and did I say attention

I actually have an endless list but that is another story.

If this does not work out the next few weeks We will pull him out and try building a home program until school starts...

I actually have discussed this with the school districts and the whole organisational package and they agree...

Play school sucks and may well be beyond repair.
The sad thing is that it is not for lack of wanting to do right but the lack of skills and know how.

I am beyond anger now.. my thoughts are getting clearer and more calculated as I attend meetings.
I am not afraid of anyone anymore.

Just the future

We went swimming yesterday as we so often do..
I love swimming when there is snow and sleet..watching the steam rise in the darkness. The burning sensation in my feet when we step into the steaming hot tub after walking on the snow.
The boys ran happily around in the slides and were wonderful at engaging Sturla.
I sat and watched.
I met...a girl from college. Her ten year old son was there he has autism too.. so different from Sturla. He seems very engaged and had great eye contact is talking a lot but still has mental retardation and his movements were awkward. We talked quite bit.. she told me of another girl in our year ... mowing home from Sweden and abandoning a great carreer because of her son with autism. I have heard that the attitude in Denmark is very much let us wait and see apparently in Sweden too..

I feel a hint of my anger... rearing its ugly head... that time consuming... fire spewing dragon... such a waste... those children are worth it all...quality programs... educated therapists... educated choices

So many children.

And such a waste in energy...
There is knowledge out there... there is money...

Not enough people that care enough...
... there I go again...
... there is no cure for being pissed off.


  1. Oh no! I *really* get where you're coming from! It sometimes all seems so hopeless and like there's no where for us to turn.. I really hope things get better and you find some solutions soon...

    I'm really sorry also, but I've tagged you in a meme. Don't worry if you don't have time though.


  2. kindergarten was a godsend for us. Such a difference when the folks responsible for educating your child are. . . educated.

    1. What I want are trained aba therapists or someone who gets it quickly...We have been knocking on the same doors for a year now...

  3. so so so very true this ". those children are worth it all...quality programs... educated therapists... educated choices"
    how much time is being wasted! Especially the crucial early intervention years

  4. Oh and I also wanted to add - how fascinaing the snow and swimming sounds

    1. Can not live without outdoor swimming pools.. especially in the winter...

  5. I can hear the frustration and anger in your writing! It's tough deciding the right decision. It's sad that you're put in that kind of situation though...the playschool should have placed ABA in high priority and importance! *hug*

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