Friday, December 16, 2011

Surprised at myself ... or not

So this is the way it has been.
After several days of a bad cold and flu Sturla refuses to go to play school and me being so far from happy about the way things have been going have probably been reinforcing that attitude some way.
Looking at the stupid uniform makes him scream. I would love to scream too.
So I called... and said ...Houston we have a huge problem... and not a new one.... a reoccurring one and this time it gets worse and now iti is really bad and now you really have to get up and plan and do something...
haha and then I made a plan.
Play school is fun and i want my son to have fun.
So dear teachers you have to be fun and reinforcing and come up with ideas.
I wrote social stories. play school is fun blah blah blah.
I feel like I am lying to him....
You have fun doing this and that blah blah.
The first days went Ok with only minimal resistance and there were activities that in themselves were interesting enough.. a ride on a bus and dance around the christmas tree.
Today was another thing. They have this gathering on fridays with the whole school nearly 90 children and then staff. They somehow do not quite make it fun enough and not only for kids like Sturla but several others with attention spans on the short side.. So I heard a lot of be quiet, sit still and so on.
It annoyed me to no end.
In the end the children danced to a fun song and most of the staff sat on their butt. I danced with my son and when the song was done I walked to a young man who sat ever so comfortably on his behind and clapped my hands in front of his face...
why are you not dancing with the kids? I hissed.
Then I walked over where two of the therapists that work with the three autistic children that are there and hissed again.
I did get some shocked reaction.

Then I made sure my son was happy to go with E and his therapist and play.

Next step is a huge complaining meeting with all sorts of people in the first week of january.
Fun fun fun


  1. What were they thinking?!? Ugh! I hate when people don't do what they're supposed to! Sometimes, they lose that spark of creativity and fun and it'd downhill from there! If the therapists are there with the kiddos, they should be doing (assisting or motivating) their kiddo to be doing the same, not resting!

    On a similar note, when I volunteer at my kid's school (it's a private religious school,) when parents are around, they tend to get in a group and socialize instead of assisting their kid or the other kids in whatever they're supposed to be doing! I tend to follow my kid around and be a part of what's happening.

    I am glad you witnessed what happens on Fridays so you can assist them in making it a more fun place for Sturla! Good luck!

  2. Good for you! I hope that woke them up... and that your complaining will properly wake up whoever is in charge.

    (Wouldn't our stories be entirely different if complaining was something we enjoyed?)