Sunday, November 13, 2011

video modeling

I have only just begun to see and understand how video modeling can teach play skills.

What we do is make short scripts and play themes we want him to learn his brothers act out the themes and when the sequence is learned and several others in addition we encourage his playmates to use the learned sequences in other settings with other toys and in longer play sessions.

We have already taught scripts that include cooking,
making pizza and disgusting food and tasting food and calling in animals to eat.
We have made scripts with doctor themes both with puppets and acted.
We made a Rango game
pirate game
Animal games
Driving cars
Fishing and camping game
Taking the bus game.
Dragon and eggs game.

We make at least two versions of each sequence and often more than that ... I do not want him to get stuck.

I have already seen how overlearning can occur and that makes him rigid...
and now we have started to try and get him to use bits and pieces and stringing them together as he pleases... more like normal play.
This we began just this week and some bits and pieces find their way....

We will continue to add themes but focus on the length of the play session as well and how many ideas he comes up with.

I intend to use video modeling for other kind of social skills... and the beginning looks promising I just have not had the time to be systematic enough...

I guess I will just pick out the skills from Making a Difference. Getting starting this week....

The ipad is a magic tool for this ... so easily portable always at hand to show the videos and then just put him in the situaltion we create and... voila ( almost)

Making scripts and data sheets for the scripts are a lot of work... but it works... works great

The wonderful thing about this all is that the teacher can back off... lessening and deleting any prompts.

That is a huge relief for us both.
Me and him and him and me to eternity... we both get tired.

Tonight I sat in my sofa hoarding the ipad and just pulling the reins a little bit and watched my sons play for more than an hour... the older ones playing in shifts to get computer time upstairs and my little one laughing and enjoying himself....
Sometimes he chooses which games are played sometimes his brothers and then the butting in queen sees to that the certain games get played and taught.

Works wonders.

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  1. How wonderful! And so great that his brothers are a part of it as well! It does sound like a lot of work...glad it's working so well!