Friday, November 11, 2011

Current curriculum

Say versus tell. Finally over...
both begin with s in Icelandic are two syllables and end with u so auditory processing problems... blossoming.
This took a while
Next step is when to ask and when to reciprocate and then.... I am getting excited conversation....topics

We are still doing perspective practices no surprise....
working towards that seeing leads to knowing... and someday towards judging whether someone else knows or not and all the many little steps in between...

Time concepts... still there... we took break and started just up again.

Clues to the whereabouts of objects ... two clues with prepositions are now mastered and I think that more is overdoing it
... three clues have been put on hold.

Instead asking him to hand me objects and counting like give me two dogs and one candy.
It is not the most fun kind of practices but I can see how it expands his language processing.
We put this on hold six months ago but now he is ready.

Pronunciation... Never ending story... some improvements indeed... lots of work ahead.

Reading... fluency improving... comprehension coming up.
Wh questions from another angle and doing it again... he can do some but not fluently enough, and some are still missing.

pronoun confusion... We did the pronoun programs and he gained some understanding of them but he is still mixing them up....So for perspective practices and lots of other things we really need to clear up this misunderstanding. I try to teach it through games and activities. We are dressing up and looking in the mirror and so on.

Video modeling and games.
Starting to to implement learnt sequences and themes to more dynamic settings ... encouraging his brothers to use the video sequences in ordinary playing... He needs to spend longer time playing and add more ideas to the game. It is coming along.
His brothers are the ones that teach him. He is lucky to have them.

Structured games and activities he takes over to the playschool.
Drawing and play dough and legos and more...

And the new all time favorite the piano

I watch him as he is drumming his fingers on the table and he seems far away in his own world but his fingers are practicing the music he has learnt.
Not lost

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