Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer... ending

Where have we been and what have we done..
too much and too little as always.
Play school has started up again and things seem to be improving. At least I sense a willingness to make thing better... still they do nee a lot of help from the consultant I hired to help us. This is just how it is over here I guess.
Even if I had all the money in the world I would have a hard time finding the therapists.

Our curriculum.
Reading: he just finished sounding out the letters and has started... though haltingly to sound out the words in the books the first grade uses for reading.

Finding objects given location clues: we had to back track, we were not doing it right.

When: questions are beeing repeated. Hopefully he will now master wh questions fully. I hope to be able to do reading comprehension with him by christmas so we better do this right,

Conversation : Sustained eye contact has to be mastered until we move to discussing certain subjects.

theory of mind: I can not see what you see... we are beginning at absolute beginning according to the books I am reading. I have to learn this as we go along... so if anyone has clever suggestions about games or books. The goal at the beginning is for him to understand that different people see different things... that there is such a thing as a point of view we see smell and feel different.

play stations and play themes and chains.
look at what he is doing.
passing objects to peers.
giving eye contact
answering suggestions.
bringing complexity to the game.
making suggestions.

the list is endless it seems

Be happy and play please ...

play book.
varying projects
using a clock to time open ended projects
school assignments.

The summer flew away so fast
camping and climbing mountains is now a very much preferred activity.
Wish we could camp out always... every night... sleep and wake up to the sound of birds and the smell of sea.

we drove to the west and saw seals and foxes ... we met some humans as well.
I was anxious as I could not do any work.
stupid stupid anxiety

Anxious because I planned to leave for a week go by myself to Paris with my daughter.

I did go and it was lovely... bonding and laughing talking and walking silently.
I watched and walked breathing in the big wonderful city. My first true vacation in many years. I did not know before how much I needed this. I thrive on the visual and I was very thirsty.

Paris is the only city I know fairly well and yet it is so big it is impossible to know it at all. My french rusty but usable for our simple needs. We talked about the boys at home and that we wanted the to see what we saw.
It rained every day but it did not matter.

I think I found some balance again some understanding of my limits.
Perhaps some understanding that I need a break now and then to be useful to my son.

And now it has all started again schools work play school and I hope for the best.
I want a good winter.

I want to fly somewhere.