Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cats and Dogs


...what are you doing with the cat...
I am holding the cat...
then he gets the idea of making the cat climb the tree as it had been doing a short while earlier.
the cat has other ideas.
as does he...
the cat might be going to playschool ...and no it does not wear a uniform.
it might be going for a visit and then it might want to be superman... who knows...
He firmly tells the dog to shut up ( he always tell barking dogs to do so) and decides to come and say hi to his father who just arrived.
Then he is the dog...obviously
the dog visits often...


  1. Interesting! I loved hearing your language. It was easy to recognize that he was telling the the dog to be quiet, lol! He was a cute dog (barking and panting!!) So sweet!

  2. Oh wow, he's adorable!!! And that cat is so good, he was just lying like a rag doll in his arms! I loved his doggy impression, so cute!

  3. I miss u
    I really loved this video - he is so organised and engaged