Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cats and Dogs


...what are you doing with the cat...
I am holding the cat...
then he gets the idea of making the cat climb the tree as it had been doing a short while earlier.
the cat has other ideas.
as does he...
the cat might be going to playschool ...and no it does not wear a uniform.
it might be going for a visit and then it might want to be superman... who knows...
He firmly tells the dog to shut up ( he always tell barking dogs to do so) and decides to come and say hi to his father who just arrived.
Then he is the dog...obviously
the dog visits often...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Full blown summer and some serious summer plans

It is still windy
Fresh and cold
I do not mind the wind as long as it stays dry

I will start packing for our annual camping trip with the boys today. Ten days. Clothes and toys and aba stuff are the bare necessities.

Woolen sleep wear
raincoats and pants
coats and jackets
woolen blankets
shorts and t shirts (to tempt fate)
Woolen sweaters
40 pairs of socks or so, and of course woolen socks
swimming gear
Our work material ( photocopies of the exercises and other essentials) The camping trip will be used for generalizing and practicing not for teaching new stuff.

Hubby will be in charge of the tent and sleeping bags but the food food area is our mutual responsibility. We are so planning it....

We had planned to drive the east fjords but as the old volcano Katla just farted and ripped the ring road apart we need new travel plans.

West fjords and all the lovely stops in between.
Hubbys sister is living at a small town in the west fjords we will visit her in her new home and as she lives in his gorgeous 17th century house and her husband takes care of the local museum which is just beside I am very much looking forward to it.

I very much need a break....

We will come back a week before play school starts again and that week I will use for planning how to get the most out of next winter. I will video tape what he has learned this summer in play skills.... showing them what he can and thereby making it very obvous that all they need to do is generalize that into the new environment in playschool.

Our consultant has offered to spend a few days at play school to try to kick start his program.... She is not o pleased with the progress... The play school always seems to need more and more assistance.

I am putting my hopes on it but I am wary ... I have had hopes for a good program crushed far to often.
But she is wonderful... and I need so desperately someone like this to right our course.

We made a decision to hire a help to work ten hours a week with him at home. To increase the pace of his program. To guarantee at least 30 hours. I am not counting the play school in.
I need that help to give my other children time without worrying about him all the time. I do that constantly ... just can not help it.

I know I will start next fall by arguing a bit and critizing and hope I will manage that adequately perhaps even gracefully and perhaps without blowing things to pieces

But it is still summer and I have plans to see my daughter in Paris at the end of her Interrail tour. A week in Paris at the beginning of august.

People have convinced me that no one will die while I am away and that a week will not make the whole difference in the world for Sturla ...but it might make a difference for me. two years of this hectic program is taking its toll. I promised my daughter this trip when she was fourteen years old and it is about time.

But Sturla what would you like to do...
Can we go to IKEA
Buy yoe yoe icecream
eat hot dogs.
rent a mowie and go swimming
go to the cinema and go camping.

We have been cramming in lots of what he thinks are enjoyable activities... getting him to remember and talk about what he did...

Sure baby we can fit that in... just tell me what you did yesterday.
I went to the dvd rental and saw a dog film and I played with the space craft and the tools.

Yesterday is still with one prompt at the beginning of the day but I see finally a decrease in prompting and that he is able to mix today and yesterday when well focused... we are not quite there but getting closer and closer after I changed our approach.

An increase in vocabulary is the english phrase vadde fuggit meaning something like thats to bad in my kids minds and he has picked that up and uses very appropriatley when playing his computer games.. vadde fuggit he lost... vadde fuggit he fell.

We are on our last program in conversation intermediate according to our blue book. Next I will mix those questions and make him make eye contact while he answers. He will have learn when to ask and and when to answer...

The clock continues to tick in my mind as a time bomb. I know it is a stupid attitude but just cannot help it. He will be six years old very soon and he just seems so babyish. Adorably so and awesomely sweet with his huge green eyes and constantly unruly hair.(well the hair might be due to the fact that I am lazy taking my sons to the hairdresser the all have long unruly hair no aversion to haircutting here except from me)

While the small dudes his age play sword fighting and adore the manly heroic superheros and fighting he prefers pretending to be a puppy... yelping and licking my face out of the blue. He likes Hello Kitty just as well as Ben Ten.

What do I do
Look son this is boy stuff and this is girl stuff.
sounds silly...
He has not defined himself.
He lacks still the self awareness to do so.

We are working a lot on eye contact and playing games and if anyone anywhere has good ideas about games with eye contact I would love to hear them...
What works...?
Vadde fuggit...
How do I do it?

Eye contact is a gift i will never get it unless he gives it freely and the reinforcement must come from an inner pleasure.
Tangible reinforcers only get you so far in this domain.
so be more fun mom...