Monday, June 20, 2011

A windy summer

So far so good.
Thanks to his brothers mostly.
One sticker for ten minutes of play. Two for twenty and et cetere.
They oblige... for the stickers and for what they can be changed into. 15 stickers each and we go to the cinema. Or the praise or perhaps also the fact that they sometimes enjoy being with him.
Sometimes it is not all work.

The play book is going well at home... he can now finish eight different assignments and work on his own for almost 40 minutes. That is just fine for a five year old. He shows me when he is finished, asks for his reinforcers and comes for short sessions at the table and then returning back to the assignments.

We are at the beginning stages of conversational skills and I am desperate to help him master those skills.

The concept of yesterday is sinking in...I wonder if we are doing something wrong in that area... seems to be taking sooooo long.

The play school is working on pronounciation it goes slowly they have not followed through with the advices they were given from the consultants we have been provided with.... there is progress though... perhaps that progress is also due to the fact that now he is playing more he is talking more.

..and showing more initiative...

Summer break starts in ten days.

It is a cold summer.
A windy summer.

We went camping...
A family gathering. The reunion of the children and grand children and great grandchildren of seven sisters that were born on a farm in the north. Seven sisters lived and five boys dyed. That was in those days.
My Sturla has the same features as his grandfather his namesake and great grandmother.

He loved it though the third day he said he wanted to go home.
At the dinner at the gathering party he said he wanted to dance with the girl...

He remembered from last year another family gathering another set of siblings from another farm in the north... the same area the same particular features again ...long faces and sharp noses like his grandfather again and great grandfather. And there everyone seemed to play an instrument or sing and we had live music all night and there this little girl danced to the lively accordion and he could not stop himself
...and they danced for a long time those two. Holding hands and twirling.

This he remembered... yet he will not tell me what he did yesterday.

I ask him tell me about Eiki.
Sniggering he tells me.

"Eiki is not my brother
he does not play the saxaphone
and he does not practice fencing."

Hmmm. really!

Wind or no wind it is still summer.