Monday, May 30, 2011

Whatever it is... it is welcome.

Perhaps it is the sunlight and the fact that there will be no night for many weeks.

Perhaps it is the cold fresh wind that reminds me of sunbathing with a woolen blanket
in my grandmothers garden as a child.

Perhaps it is because my half brother came for a visit and it comforted me seeing how much he looks like our father whom he never saw.

Maybe it is because my daughter sang at a concert yesterday and I am still flushed with pride.
"I bet you sat there yelling she is mine... somewhere in the back"
I did you ... girl.
I did.

It could be the way my middle children are eager to play with Sturla.
Sure... collecting stamps and little prizes. I can still see how the hug him more often and that he is asking them to play and they rarely say no.
Sure I make their effort worthwhile...
but still.

It could be the good meal hubby prepared tonight.

Or the fact that I feel a certain security with our consultant coming in full force finally.
A certain hopefulness.
Been there before, certainly.
hoping to stay this time.
Hoping again.

Perhaps it is the dog game Sturla is constantly playing these days sniffing around using pencils for bone licking my cheek and barking, hiding in the dig house. He is hilarious.

Or the way he took effortlessly to the playing with puppets program this evening.

Whatever it is there is a sense of relief... for the moment at least for a worrysome drama mama.

Anyway the summer just began today.

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  1. I am thrilled to hear you sound so positive