Thursday, May 26, 2011

So so social.

Still trying to put thumbscrews on the play school.
I am actually imagining we are making progress. No one has done anything but accept our suggestions. So so far so good.
A detailed plan for every minute in the school and how it is spent. The goals and how well they were met. In hours and then in data of progress.

Our private consultant is worth her weight in gold.
Two program have already started.
one has to do with how he spends his time when on his own because he needs constant structure. We are teaching him to use a play book. He gets two assignments he needs to fetch the book get the stuff do the assigments put everything away and ask for his reinforcer. This needs a lot of planning. Soon we can add more assignments and hopefully help him to plan his actions better.
Good for him and soon a little relief for us.
The second is following other kids around to play with various items. Play stations.
So he is following already and now we want interaction.
So talk.

Get him to answer his name with a yes.
Hey... Sturla...
do you want sweets.

His brother are doing this one in the car.
It is obviously absolutely annoying to answer your name when the one calling you has nothing to say but good job og great answering.
Potatoe chips and sweets are worth talking about. At least in my mind.

At the moment it is all about reinforcement. Getting him to talk is the ongoing big goal. I am dying to know what is in his head.


  1. Those are great programs and goals - you found a good consultant. You must be relieved (at least for a minute).

    Our big program to get my boy talking spontaneously was to prompt him to point things out to us on walks and drives. Show your brother the waves! Say look, Bo, the waves. And then we'd praise him and talk about the waves.

  2. Yes, that is a good idea... we need to expand to descriptions and using more complex vocabulary. At the moment I am following him around with a token system praising every word he utters. I long for the day when I crave silence. :)