Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow and spring

I am in desperate need of a summer and the lilies in my garden that so bravely stick their green heads above ground are really risking their lives.
It is still snowing.
I could have taught my students a lifesworth amount of vocabulary about the weather in one hour just by looking out the window. Snow sleet hail sun and a sudden rain.

We have been trying to run an ABA program ourselves and participating in the ABA programs available by our wonderful scandinavian wellfaresystem offered by our public playschool system for about one year and eight months I am crazy enough to be counting the months... this glorious setting will be available for one year and four months more.
We are still trying to get the program to run smoothly, we are still talking about hours and the necessity to have clear goals in every possible setting and we are on our third playschool.

After next year we will have to look at our options and think of the right settings, at the moment I feel that a miracle has to happen for him to be mainstreamed or perhaps it is still snowing in my brain.

I am no spring flower.

So what is up.
Our private consultant is coming in, every two weeks now and so hopefully something will happen in the social domain at play school. Hopefully some goals will be put down and some even met.

I have been thinking about pulling him out and stay home with him.
We can barely afford it.
It might not be for his social benefit in the long run.
I might go nuts.

On the other hand.
We could manage by stop using our diesel devouring monster of a car.
He is a part of a herd... having three older brothers and a truckload of nephews.
I might relax a bit as I hate all those meetings. I am much better in one on one meetings.

I did let go of my own home program for a while in an effort to trust the play school.
Not a good idea.

So I am constructing a new home program again.

We are working on.
The diary. I want him to retell something that happened in one or two or perhaps if I push it a three sentences. I went to the store with mom and we bought food.

Why something fits together. Building word analogies. Whye does a foot and a sock fit together. Aha because we wear socks on our feet.

Three step commands. Necessary for building up play skills and a prerequisite for several other programs I have my eyes on.

I am revisiting prepositions. Some were left out and some need more generalising.

PLay. Go fish...
Playing with dough and making his own figures and make them do stuff. So make a snake make a pitsa for your snake put pepperoni on the pitsa make your snake a bed and a house. Make another snake and let it come for a visit.
We draw a lot and we play a pretend game pretending stuff is something other than it is a dish can be a steering wheel or a drum, a spoon can be a tail and a guitar and so on.

sounding out lower case letters.

other things that i am trying to generalize and increase in frequency is asking questions and we are still working on pronouns.
Busy, busy.

The books on my night stand are Teach me language, Reaching Out Joining in an Teaching children with autism to mind read.
Gone are the days when I read nothing but novels, fairy tales and fantasy.
Does this mean my mind has expanded or has my world shrunk.
Shrink shrank shrunk, the silliest verb in English.

I really want that spring.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something not right...

He has refused to work at his programs at play school I have had increasing troubles getting him to do the exercises at home as well.

He refused to eat there and then he refused to go there in the mornings.

A whole meeting just on that subject.
It seems to me that they do not get the connection between making themselves reinforcing along with the object or stuff used to entice him.
Well... the factor has been neglected... it is hard to go beyond the comfort zone.
A few days later...and the whole focus went onto just seeing what would make him tick again

I know they are trying ....
The good thing it can be discussed and hopefully solved.


On friday his lights seem to be on again.
He seemed himself ... funny running around and as silly as ever.

He is stimming more still
.... spacing out
... pinching his skin and puts his hand into his mouth all the time. I hate that.

I have no idea what is going on.
Hopefully nothing... just your ordinary autism troubles.
I am scared though.
Everything has slowed down.
progress makes me tick... and i am just not ticking so much at the moment and it ticks me off. Had to put this one there... lame ...I know.

We went swimming yesterday.. nothing new. Except he seemed lethargic and out of it...
I literally pushed him up the stairs of the slide.... something he loves doing and yes he liked it when he got started.

In the dressing room he decided it was a good idea to blow rasberries on a bare womans butt...

she was surprised.
I was to exhausted to explain or just say anything.

He pushed a little baby so she fell.

Later when that same baby started crying he ran to the mother and told her to put a pacifier into the babys mouth... then he dried her tears...

He is either into everything or out of it...
I do not get it how he can be turned on and off like there is a switch on him.
Ether he just lies there or paces around or he gets tons of ideas and has acted them out before I can draw a breath.

He keeps me on edge.

I just have to add that the story of the rasberrie blowing boy in the womans locker at my favorite swimming pool has not ended.
He did it again today... the woman turned around surprised and smiling to that little one giving him the most positive reinforcer and hopes for future rasberries.