Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A friend?

My boys practice fencing.
A very boyish sport and they wear a costume and a mask and an actual sword and they love it. (except when it interferes with their computer time, I guess they love the computer more)
So four days a week I drive to that place... cause they cannot be all in the same group... bugger ... the oldest being well to old... for stabbing the little ones.

So twice a week this little girl show up with her mom.
And she likes him.. my Sturla and she wants to play with him.
She came for a few weeks and then we did not see her for a while.
Today she came.
So they play in a very limited way though. Mostly simple structured games like picture lottery or finding pairs of something... and I fill my bag with stuff she might be interested to play with.
She is a bossy little thing and a year younger. Closer to his developmental age but old enough to follow simple instructions and ...well ...boss him around a bit.
So far so good... he asks for her between classes and misses her terribly if she does not show up and guess what... she does too.. her mother told me...
So I asked if she would like to visit him someday and the mom said no problem and he could visit her as well.

We talked about cats.
What is the name of your cat Sturla. The lady asks.
Branda.. he replies and then adds.. do you have a cat? (one of the first reciprocal question he has been learning at playschool. The program just started. He looks somewhere into the distance though ( we have to work on that)
But still.
Did I mention that I blurted out his diagnosis.
The lady only said he was doing great
( ha ha I thought, not that great in socal skills and not really conversational yet)

and perhaps it would be good for him to practice his social skills in different settings as well she added.

Uhhu... Yes it absolutely would.
Now I will stop whining about not knowing how to nurture social skills and jump into the pool.
I feel like I won the lottery.

Sturla is drawing.
I ask .. why is he sad.
Because SD did not come to fencing

He changes the face.
Why is he smiling now
Because SD came to fencing.


  1. **awww** That's adorable!! I love this new friendship he's making with the little girl!! And in my experience girls can tend to be pretty bossy, huh? But then boys often like to go along with it so I guess it's just as well. That's awesome about his reciprocal question, that must have been exciting! He sounds like such an adorable little boy!!

  2. Thank you...

    The world belongs to bossy girls :)