Sunday, March 27, 2011

Around and around

Just because it goes well with ups and downs

One little boy with autism
Public swimming pool
The wrong swimming trunks
A stubborn mom
a tantrum

half an hour of screaming and then he gave in...
I think I deserved that ice cream afterwards.

Perspective flunking
A box
two brothers and only one of them had a peek inside.
Who knows what is in the box.
blank stare
What does she want from me now ( I can see him thinking)

So a new program coming up or what...
will it ever end
most likely not.

I have been trying to educate myself about theory of mind.
quite a bit of stuff to think about.

On the other hand I am pleased that he seems to have started to understand that nouns in Icelandic are subjugated we have four different forms for each noun and then of course the plural and definitive article.
It is a lot to learn.
but I need not to take care what form I am using unless the word is very irregular he seems to be getting it. Unless for numbers which change very riregularly.
My foreign students have trouble with it as well.