Sunday, March 27, 2011

Around and around

Just because it goes well with ups and downs

One little boy with autism
Public swimming pool
The wrong swimming trunks
A stubborn mom
a tantrum

half an hour of screaming and then he gave in...
I think I deserved that ice cream afterwards.

Perspective flunking
A box
two brothers and only one of them had a peek inside.
Who knows what is in the box.
blank stare
What does she want from me now ( I can see him thinking)

So a new program coming up or what...
will it ever end
most likely not.

I have been trying to educate myself about theory of mind.
quite a bit of stuff to think about.

On the other hand I am pleased that he seems to have started to understand that nouns in Icelandic are subjugated we have four different forms for each noun and then of course the plural and definitive article.
It is a lot to learn.
but I need not to take care what form I am using unless the word is very irregular he seems to be getting it. Unless for numbers which change very riregularly.
My foreign students have trouble with it as well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ups and downs

I have been trying the last weeks to focus only on the positive side of well pretty much everything... trying to clean up the rest of that winter depression.
The truth is we have a mix and match of ups and downs.

Last weekend I felt as if everything was going downhill.
And last week the playscholl felt the same.
He did not oblige any commands. He did not look at us he did not learn as fast as he should have.

I have been trying to use more social reinforcement. It works better... but i get very tired of the constant eager happy face I have plastered on my face. My throat hurt because Of the high affect and the way I spoke . It did catch his attention though and he did do what he was asked because he had fun.
Is this what it takes at the moment. Little trinkets and sweets do not do the trick anymore.
Will I speak like an old frog for the rest of my life.
Are we going forward or backwards?
Is this regression?

Why do I always get so scared when there is a halt in our work?
Plateu, regression. It just freaks me out.

Then I put on my lipstick and he looks at me and asks.
Will you give me a kiss.
WE have this script... cute one ehh
Sure baby, a kiss for you...any time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A friend?

My boys practice fencing.
A very boyish sport and they wear a costume and a mask and an actual sword and they love it. (except when it interferes with their computer time, I guess they love the computer more)
So four days a week I drive to that place... cause they cannot be all in the same group... bugger ... the oldest being well to old... for stabbing the little ones.

So twice a week this little girl show up with her mom.
And she likes him.. my Sturla and she wants to play with him.
She came for a few weeks and then we did not see her for a while.
Today she came.
So they play in a very limited way though. Mostly simple structured games like picture lottery or finding pairs of something... and I fill my bag with stuff she might be interested to play with.
She is a bossy little thing and a year younger. Closer to his developmental age but old enough to follow simple instructions and ...well ...boss him around a bit.
So far so good... he asks for her between classes and misses her terribly if she does not show up and guess what... she does too.. her mother told me...
So I asked if she would like to visit him someday and the mom said no problem and he could visit her as well.

We talked about cats.
What is the name of your cat Sturla. The lady asks.
Branda.. he replies and then adds.. do you have a cat? (one of the first reciprocal question he has been learning at playschool. The program just started. He looks somewhere into the distance though ( we have to work on that)
But still.
Did I mention that I blurted out his diagnosis.
The lady only said he was doing great
( ha ha I thought, not that great in socal skills and not really conversational yet)

and perhaps it would be good for him to practice his social skills in different settings as well she added.

Uhhu... Yes it absolutely would.
Now I will stop whining about not knowing how to nurture social skills and jump into the pool.
I feel like I won the lottery.

Sturla is drawing.
I ask .. why is he sad.
Because SD did not come to fencing

He changes the face.
Why is he smiling now
Because SD came to fencing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Language evaluation

Raynell test showed him to be at the level pf 2.6 years old in expression and 2.8 in understanding.
I believe him to be about a half a year further with familiar people.
I am trying very hard to think about the fact that we have been doing therapy for about 19 months now. before he could not even be tested in language. There were no understandable words to the casual observer although I always insisted he was talking. And he did not comply to any commands. To busy running away and pacing back and forth.

I am extremely good at denial. I heard words even before I plastered my walls with pictures and began the incessant drilling. I absolutely did.

So in playing the optimist I say that we are doing good. 2.8 years of progress in language in 1.9.
Still I am sulking.
I just want a magic wand and make him talk and talk and talk.
He has a a lot of catching up to do.
Socially he is even more behind but academically he is pretty much age level.That is easy to teach that is why. Numbers letters colors and a dash of general knowledge. Matching and drawing is fine. Still he is not generating his own ideas very much although that happens from time to time.

He is already 5.5 years old and time is flying fast.
We got permission to delay him starting school for the next year. We have bought some more time for him in intensive ABA.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Too soon .. not prepared

He got an invitation to a birthday party... at playschool
Too soon I was caught off guard.
What to do. What chaos in my mind to go or not to go.
I went home to cry a little, could not help it.. too tired that day...he watched me tears leaking silently down his cheeks... then we went ahead with a little present.
I was the only parent who stayed. I mumbled some excuse came late and we went early home.
I had thought about this before and made a decision not to turn down any opportunity for new experiences or participation in society.
He gave a present.
Ate a cake
Stimmed a little running back and forth.
Enjoyed himself and was quite oblivious to the fact that he was not participating anything at all.

I was curious to observe how he would behave with the kids he sees every day at playschool.
They find him funny.
The consensus is to laugh at him not with him.
Not good.

I had to know I just had to see.
Now I know.
I watched the party like a hawk.. who is doing what and what and how are they doing it what do they know and talk about and what is he doing.

His language skills grow as well as his cognitive abilities but social skills not so much. Those are harder to teach and frankly I am quite far from getting the hang of it.
Where to start.

amazon I guess.
I have to read something before I can start to think... still so very much at loss in the social department.