Friday, February 18, 2011

He can do it.

For all his life it seems to me that I have been shown glimpses of what he can do... It makes me constantly hunger for it to be always so.
Instead there is this effort of dragging out his potential into the light of day.
I long for the day we have real conversation instead of this interrogation that seems to be going on.

Every evening for the last month we put something in a bag and talk about it in the morning. Yesterday the bag was not in the bedroom an me not being the tidiest person on earth had no idea where it was.
Hey what is missing.
The bag.
Can you find it?
Yes. and of he goes... yelling... I am going to find the bag.
His brother replies. It is downstairs.
Yes I know, he says and goes down the stairs into the kitchen and asks his father. where is the bag?

huhuuh, says his father, busy cleaning the kitchen and absolutely unaware of the glorious moment.

But he finds it anyway and brings it upstairs to his thrilled mother.

The whole sequence was fluid natural and effortless. Still so special that I take the time to write about it. Window into what could be or what will be?
At least it makes me think that I can ask for more.
Give me your finger son and I will eat your hand.

He was building from legos when I picked him up from playschool yesterday. A dragon. His repertoire is not big. Dragon, house and a figure he calls Sturla. I ask him anyway... hey what are you building and the little boy sitting with him replies.. I know it is a dragon...
I put the child on ignore and focused on Sturla. Turns out he was building a sturla. He reaches for a lego but the boy rips it from his hand.. This one is mine.
Sturla is passive and lets this happen. I bite back the urge to grab it back and stick out my tongue.
We are going home anyway...
He needs to assert himself.
He has to learn to push others around.
I am on it as for today.
phrases like ... this is mine.. I want it... I am first.
I know it.
I can.
I am so sure he can.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing much happening...

No news are good news...
or so they say... the one who came up with this obviously did not have a child with developmental delays. huh
The diary project is going well. WE have moved up to planning the future a little bit.
What will we do after playschool...
feed the ducks
go to the store ...

I try more and more to ask him with out the aid of the book and it is coming along.
He always knows what he ate at breakfast and when he had cereal or porridge. At breakfast of course.

I am planning to try out video modeling. I need to read a bot more and plan the sequences.

Things at play school are good.

I hired someone a while ago to help supervise his programs as the supervision by the system is not adequate in hours. It is fine when they are available but availability is to scarce.
So to my pleasure I saw his therapist at playschool e mailing the aba supervisor late in the evening and I was thrilled. It tells me she is thinking of how to do things and make things better not only on a nine to five basis.
It tells me she cares.
On top of it she is calm and nice and sensible.

I need that.

Sturla is happy and he loves to go to the playschool.
He is building lot from legos. Drawing tiny tiny pictures and he tries to interact now and then. Playschool is already working on that.
we are just fine.
and spring will be here very very soon.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A new curriculum at play school

We had a meeting finally... a meeting with the ladies that supervise his program...
it is four months since we had the last meeting and then ...everything was about to blow up in our faces with dramatic scenes in that last ,and our therapist was just about to walk out on us, that was september, she had a hard time working there...and was lonely... I guess. We have not spoken since.


The new school has been understaffed and we knew that was to be the case until new year. So in january I was getting agitated that his hours were still so to few and fewer still because of someone being sick and so on and so on. And exhausted by trying to hold things together and to keep his learning pace where I want it to be. It has been a tough winter.
Would everything be as I was told they would be?
Would he get a full 25- 30 hour program there?
How was his relationship with the therapists?

And I can breathe regularly again.
The change is hard though. Someone else will be taking some of the burden and I have to learn how to slow down and focus in another way.

The therapist is great with him and I watched her work and liked what I saw. They took over his home programs.
They took notes during the meeting and ... they just keep thing in order.
I am just not used to this kind of thoroughness.
He will get a full program.
And the hours.

I will take over the maintenance work and generalizing at home. And whew... what to do... what to do...
Playing more and learning games. Finding something that will strenghten what he is doing at school.
I am thinking and cracking my brain and I am at at loss in a strange way. The urge to do something drives me and it would be far better if I did something sensible.
I need thinking time.

I still find those meetings hard. I try to wear my steel coat... and think this is not about me ...this is for him... and say what I mean and try not to hear or think about what they think of this overprotective control freak of a mother that this little boy has.
I know they find me controlling but it is not about control or trust in the system or playschool or some ladies that I see every couple of months it is about a boy that is entrusted to us his parents... and I will not let him down.

So anyway.
learning to dance to a new tune.
I can not have more programs going on in addition to the play school... that is not sensible.
new steps coming up soon...
WE are applying to postpone his transfer to regular school. Hopefully getting positive answer soon.
And so to goes on.. and on and on...