Monday, December 6, 2010

Why did you get a band aid?

Because I got blood?
why did you get blood.
Because the cat scratched me.
This little event took place a couple of days ago. I took the opportunity to turn it into the why and because exercises we are practising at the moment and wow did that stick...
The shock of the tiny drop of blood. The thrill of the colorful bandaid and the general drama was so powerful that for the first time ever I heard him retell a story from his own personal experience.
I got blood
The cat scratched me
I got a band aid

And wow was his mama thrilled


  1. the boy keeps doing better and better each day !!

  2. Awww, well done, not that he got blood bit, but that he told the story, that is wonderful :) Jen

  3. That is awesome... So proud of your little man