Monday, November 22, 2010


I teach. I teach Icelandic to grown up immigrants and I teach Icelandic to my autistic son.
And honestly it is not that different. My adult students need reinforcement just as much as my son and they need praise and a smile when they do well it reinforces their efforts.
They need generalization as well. So we do weekly trips to stores and museums and everywhere to places where they can use their Icelandic. We cook at the end of the week to teach verbs in actual surroundings and to create a friendly atmosphere, connection and to talk over food. In an amazing way it works. People start talking when they feel secure.
The things my students find hard in Icelandic are similar to those my son finds hard. Words that sound alike. Making a sentence with the correct word order and using the language in the right circumstances. Autism, adults, children. We learn the same way.
Repeat and repeat.
Break down the components og language into digestible bits.
Connect and create a friendly enviroment.
Repeat again.


  1. I never thought of it like that, but yes, learning a foreign language needs to be broken down into manageable pieces, just like learning for children with autism:) Jen