Monday, November 1, 2010

Sense on some nonsense.

I will have to accept the fact that the new play school needs time to start up their work. Things are complicated as the therapist that will be working with him will not be back until after christmas until then everything is a bit of mix and match. He will be getting 4 and half hour with an aide every day so they will deliver a littler over 20 hours a week. He needs time to adjust, they need time to adjust and I have to be patient. I still worry that the next two months will be without very specific goals.
See ...this is a trust thing...
Trust is something that builds in positive experience and my experinece with playschools has not been very positive. The ladys at the new playschool have on the other hand not given me any cause to think that they will not do a good job. Still I fret and worry.
Breathe in and breathe out.

I am in the process of structuring his home program and in a very optimistic manner believe that I can deliver about 20 hours a week. I plan to work on about six programs.
Naming from categories.
WH questions.
General knowledge
Asking questions.
anecdotal memory
Social interactions and play skills.
I might have to cut out one or two programs though if it proves to much.
See I am trying to see sense.

I have been reading the book Sense and nonsense in behavioral treatment of autism. Sensibly they point out that this is not a competition of how many program we finish, it is more important to pin point the skills that might open up other new areas and at the moment I would say anecdotal memory. Sharing experience. There is so much I want him to grasp and to get. But there it is on the top of the list, a glorious goal.
I want to be able to ask what did you do? And was it fun?
It is of course hanging together with basic conversational skills that still are very much lagging.
I have seen that he learns preacademic skills rather quickly and we can allow ourselves to dawdle, there are more important things to learn.
He can memorize quickly but that is also not so important in comparison with sharing experience and playing with others.
I really need to set our priorities straight. Working on the right things is so important.

Another thing is the hours. I just read that those famous forty hours are average hours. Actually the children in the Lovaas study got forty hours on average meaning some got as little as 20 while others got 50. It still does not tell me what my child needs. Psychology is not a very exact science. So until someone can tell me I go by more and overdo do it in the most superfluous way I can. Less is bore. More is better. And if that does not make sense so be it.

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  1. It makes sense and better to be safe than sorry later on:) Best of luck with both programmes. Jen