Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new interest.

I recently bought a few books that I remembered from my childhood. I bought them both for nostalgic reasons and also because of the sentence structure. The sentences are repeated again and again with slight variations. The books have the same theme... someone wants something and asks for help, various characters refuse again and again until at last someone will comply. The wording is perfect short sentences with good vocabulary. They are also perfect for asking why questions.
Now ten days later a find out that he has memorized them. It was interesting to watch him retell the storys. I never have the opportunity to listen to his voice for such a long while. It was wonderful... it also gave me the opportunity to listen better for the sounds he has trouble with. There still are a few. He has no idea how to use words like, in, at, for and so on. Those words change the meaning of the verbs and he just puts them randomly into the sentences. Something to chew on and figure out how to teach.
When he started to retell the same book for the second time I stopped him and suggested that the main character who is a little green hat was indeed a purple sock, he laughed as i expected and said no... then he got a better idea he started to tell the story again but every time the little green hat was mentioned he became a sock and Sturla laughed and he laughed.
The thing is.. he has found a new way to entertain himself and now he tries to take the books away from me and do it all by himself...
Not what I have in mind.
I plan to have our book reading a bit more interactive. He also tries occasionally to switch the books in the middle of the story an make me start on new ones.
Not according to my plans either.
We have ourselves a little battle of the wills.

What can I say, I am bigger than you, son.

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