Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is that time of the year.

Freezing cold and constant snot, my house is tiny and the furniture old and worn to shreds I read the Ikea brochure to bits and dream of a brand new world. The darkness already overwhelms me.
It is bright around ten and dusk falls as soon as four, it will get darker still.
We just decorate our old stuff with new and festive lights, the more the better.

I found out to my utter horror that I had neglected or forgotten to teach Sturla anything about christmas. I was not shocked about the religious stuff, not really my cup of tea.
Rather, he did not know any of the names of our 13 Christmas lads. We do not have a Santa Claus. He of course does not know their mothers name the Troll Grýla her hubby Leppalúði and her black cat that eats kids who do not get new clothes before christmas. And that good kids get sweets into their shoes and if you are bad you get a potato.
Such a sea of information that every kid knows and he does not.
I wanted to cry when I realized this.
I made a program and began the drilling.
How many are the christmas lads. 13
What is their mothers name. Gryla
Where do they live. In the mountains.
Are they good yes
Is their mother good. No
What does she do. Eat kids... we have not gotten that far yet.

And he answers obligingly. I do not know, as I just taught him and he runs and asks his father when i tell him to go and ask even though he can only remember part of the question.
My wonderful sweet boy.

I can not cover it all.
He has to learn how to learn.
And I want him to have it all.
I want it for him. I want him to have the self awareness to want it for himself. And when he knows how will he feel?
I am raging ahead into the future.
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

Winter is eating me
Like I want that whole Ikea furnishing.
Like I want better weather.
More sunshine

Winter is eating me and I have a hard time spraying it all with glitter and decorating with festive lights.

Just a few more lights and the dark places will be gone.


  1. Winter is hard going, especially if you are cooped up inside all day due to bad weather. I hope things pick up soon. Jen

  2. I hear you
    The winter eats me up too
    I found your Christmas legends fascinating
    Here it is all about Santa and Rudolph the red nose reindeer