Thursday, November 25, 2010

It is a computer game.

Sturla does not script much. He does not talk much either compared to normal kids. He tends to use the same phrases rather rigidly and I wonder if that is scripting or just something else. What do I know, I do not know many kids with autism.
We played a game to day. He has been exercising some sort of a free will tendency and I wanted to exercise some behavioral control.
So we played in the stairs go up, no go down and every time he obeyed I changed my mind. He loves such silliness so much that he squeeled it is a computer game as nothing compares to that long love affair with computers. Perhaps light switches , that one pops up regularly.
Anyway, what better way to get a kid to obey when they actually want to.

We have been sick with snot and cold and fever and coughs hopefully he will be well enough to go to playschool tomorrow as I desperately need to organize his papers and programs and to read upon how to do whatever we are trying to do. I also need to boost up the pace and the hours after all this sickness and snotness.

Our staring contest has been going well. We stare at each other until he yells booo and I pretend to be flabbergeisted.( is that a word) I had planned to do the boo thing but he caught on to fast.

We finished naming from categories.
We finished learning where a bunch of animals live.

We are having fun with learning to ask where a thing is. I give a desired item to someone in the room ( we usually work in the living room and as this family is a herd there is always someone here with us) then i tell him to close his eyes and that pre mentioned someone hides the item. When Sturla opens his eyes I ask him where the item is he states I do not know as he indeed does not and then I tell him to ask the someone, He asks and the someone tells him the location and we practise on top of beside and all that pre learnt stuff and then he goes and gets his prize.
I is computer game, it is so much fun


  1. that is some masterful floortime right there P!!!
    sounds like a lot of wonderful skills are coming in

  2. My fella loves computers too and I laughed when you said light switches. What is the attraction I wonder??!! Jen

  3. @ K. Thank you I try turning those drills into games, when they are mastered.
    @ Jen. I have often asked myself this... i mean how often can you turn it on and off and still ind it exhilarating... years apparently.