Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The first five ideas for reinforcement are simply copy paste ripped off from the lovaas institute blog site. I shamelessly post it here I intend to try them out the next few days.

Aladdin's Magic Carpet! Put the child on a towel or blanket and pull them across the floor.

Jump! Sing, "Jump" by Van Halen and jump when the song tells you to.

I'm Shocked! Fall completely over with surprise and shock that the child answered the question correctly.

Car Ride! Line your chairs up next to each other and go for a car ride. Put seat belts on. Check left and right for traffic, beep the horn, etc.

Monster Palm! Draw a monster on your palm. Use the other hand to hold the wrist of monster palm so it can't get you. However, we all know a monster palm is stronger. Elicit the child's help to get rid of monster palm.

Sturla loves beeing asked if his name is toothbrush or other silly stuff.
He loves silly statements.

He loves opening little boxes and see what they contain, sometimes it is nothing at all.

Sometimes I wrap up old toys and things just so that he can open them. To build up curiosity and excitement.

He loves when I pretend to whine and cry.

He loves being thrown around in our big bed.

He likes short game sequences.

Roller blades and his bicycle.

He loves sweets.

Pez figures and icecream.

He likes stupid glasses and hats.

He loves it when I sing two songs at once and switch between the rally fast. A hard thing to do for someone with very limited musical abilities. Perhaps that is why he likes it.

He likes gluing paper and stuff together that make little figures.

He likes tickles and old games that I cannot translate into english but probably exist there as well.

He likes to get off on a break when I am too greedy to see sense
but most off all he loves it when his mother is happy and full of energy.
Tomorrow I will try out an eye contact game. The purpose will be to increase the time he looks at my eyes. I will make it one or two seconds at first and slowly increase the time until we have ourselves a nice staring competition. The closure and reinforcement will be some silliness and stupid noises or facial expressions on my behalf that hopefully will make him laugh.

The right reinforcement can make all the difference and I am endlessly looking and searching for new ideas. It is so easy to get stuck with the same old. I know for myself I absolutely do no do anything for just anything. My carrots have to be both sweet and crunchy. And that you are my sweet boy.


  1. this is very very nice
    Lots of Floortime techniques inplay here
    Looks like Sturla has a great repoertoire of games already
    "But most off all he loves it when his mother is happy and full of energy"same with R - I love our kiddos

  2. Some fantastic ideas there and I will be trying them. The towel on the floor one has really taken my fancy:) Jen