Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Then he whispers I love you....

I am again trying to improve my teaching methods. Trying to shorten the sessions, varying them and to use every natural opportunity to teach. I am impatient with myself and sometimes with my child.
I try to better myself I try to remember to be kind and patient and that we are making baby steps towards the future. Some days I am better at it than others. What I have found out about myself is that I am more a stubborn person than a patient person.
Good to know...

I have always felt that the english language over uses the words I love you. Food is loved and clothes and activities and endlessly so on.
In Icelandic these are serious words and hardly used. Perhaps to little.
I remember my father telling me that inanimate objects can not be loved. They can only be liked. Love is for people and sometimes animals. Even so they are to be used with respect.
I do not use these words often. The seldom I do they are laden with meaning and emotion. That is how I have whispered them to my children.

The day was bad, I was tired impatient stressed out. Doing the exercises like chores, wanting to be finished and feeling extremely guilty for wanting to hide myself somewhere quiet. Wanting only peace for myself.
The day after, when I had slept and somewhat replenished my energy I did better, I tried very hard doing better.
Sturla got a break and instead of running away or going to the computer he climbed on to my chair put his arms around me and whispered those wonderful words.
I love you.

He has not been taught those words specifically like when I taught his name and home adress or his age.

They came to me laden with emotion and meaning.
His sweet soft arms embracing me and his head resting on my shoulder.

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  1. WHat a moment
    What a child !
    SO awesome
    Yes the English speaking cultures do overuse the word love - whereas some other cultures almost treat the saying of it as a promise - I know I do