Sunday, October 24, 2010

Regrouping again and again

I invited the family and some friends over today to celebrate his birthday. It was nice, I am still recovering from the crazy hectic weeks that have passed.
I delivered my drawing, the editor was pleased. I can pay the ABA psychologist. The house is cleaner than it has been in weeks. I still have mountains of laundry and stacks of paper to be sorted, I just pushed it all under the sofa. I hardly baked anything, therapy hours are terribly low, I have been to worried and to busy to handle anything at all. I do maintenance work and that is all.
I want his hours between 35 and 40. This week we are between 20 and 25.
Time to rise up again and get going again.
Sturla was curious about his gifts, he greeted and and said his farewells very nicely. He did not play with the kids but gave them all sweets and called them to come and get some. He sang with us, answered questions about his age and tried desperately to escape to the computer as time went on. I gave him assignments one after the other I wanted to show him off. Aint we funny creatures. He draws and builds age appropriatly. His fine motor movements are better than his peers and better than some of the older kids. He is amazingly careful and neat as he draws between lines and suddenly he is counting, writing numbers an imitating letters on his own.
He is going to new playschool.
They have some experience.
I am a bit hopeful again.
We are putting the main emphasis on the social stuff the following months. I am hoping he will catch on....hoping he will learn as quikly as the other stuff.
As I write this he calls me
S:I am doing this... ( he is making strange steps) this is increasing this is what we call the announcment duty. I am going to pee I doing this and that and see this and that.
I love it.
S:I am going to scratch your back.
MMM that is nice.
S:What is this?
Wow a spontaneous question the secon time this week.
Please start playing some more with other kids though.
We still have very much work to do in that area. I am allowing myself to be optimistic though.
S: Is all well with you.
S: I put a car on your head.
Thank you.
S:I am going to poop.
hmm, allright.
S: or maybe I have to pee no poop.
No matter about what I find it unbelievably precious.


  1. Yep, all conversation is precious, well done Sturla:) jen

  2. WOW Sturla is doing so well
    Some amazing milestones
    Remember Porgerdour more therapy is not always better
    we recently had 4 no therapy days ( as went to the Autism Asperger conference )
    ANd VOILA when we came back yesterday we finally have the "W " sound