Friday, October 29, 2010

New play school again.

We are not exactly gathering moss.

As I mentioned before Sturla therapist quite suddenly decided she was fed up with her work. She was, is fed up, I guess with the play school and the lack of understanding of the therapy she was trying to do. On top of it my son is the first child she is working with and she has had to learn how to swim pretty much by herself. In many ways she did a good job. She did not have the support she needed within the playchool. She is going to somewhere where there is experience and she can learn something.
That left us pretty stranded. The knowledge that has been built up the last year just left.
What was even worse was that this was in the beginning of fall and at that time all play schools are full, both with children and they are fully staffed. ABA therapists are hard to find, good ones are... always even harder to find.

I did not like the idea of a new play school I had already slammed the doors on one place and I just did not want to be that lady. Beside Sturla was beginning to show some vague connections to the other kids. I wanted to stick it out make it work. But in the end it is not about me... or maby I should put it like this i will be that lady and I will be whoever or any kind of person it takes to secure him a good education.

The play school hired two young inexperienced university students to work with him one was supposed to be wirh him one and a half day and the other two days, and for one and a half day a week a special ed teacher very experienced in TEAACH and with very limited interest in ABA was planning to work with him She had no intentions of becoming a therapist. None of them were supposed to be with him on an every day basis and the girls only came in for their work with him and had no chance of getting into the social dynamics of the kids at play school. For that you have to stay and observe.
I am also fed up with university students using my kid to teach themselves the ABA basics.
So I slammed the doors. I lost my temper. I yelled at people and I have not gone back and I am not even sorry.
That is a weird feeling I have never yelled at anyone and not been sorry.

I found another school by some stupid but lovely luck. It is pretty far away, who cares...
They have been using ABA for five years now. Sturla will be the fifth child with autism in that school three boys and two girls and everything is very structured and solid and he seems to fit right in He is over there just now and I am hoping so hard that this will work out.
They seem thorough in how they work. I can sense an understanding when I speak ( hope it is not my imagination)
I probably have to learn how to let go and trust people. I plan too... it is just that I have been hovering for so long I will most likely find it harder to adapt than my son. They will be taking things over. I will have programs that I work on at home as well as maintenance and generalization. I might have more or at least some time to breathe and that might be a very needed thing.
I will celebrate when all that happens.


  1. I am in a very similar situation at the moment and will have to change our current arrangements. They are working out, when they get a chance to. There is a reliability issue which just entirely defeats the whole purpose so we have to change schools. I, like you, will probably have a bigger issue with it than my son does. Best of luck, I hope everything works out ok. Jen

  2. I LOVE your blog! You are so cool and have great ideas. Thanks for sharing!
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