Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have a birthday boy.

Five years ago he was born painlessly in the bathtub at his own house so quickly and easily that the nidwife, because this was a planned homebirth missed the occasion by a few minutes. His father did not and arrived ten minutes before his appearance just in time for the last push and lifted up our calm newborn son from the water.
He was almost like sleeping, as if he had been born asleep. His eyelids quivered slightly his colour was bluish and I did nor see him breath right away but he was still attached to the naval cord and it was pulsing. I saw him turn pink as the midwife rushed up the stairs three minutes later.
He scored ten on his first test the Apgar score. But he made no fuss about it. He went immediatly to the breast and drank and slept and drank and slep calmly for many months to come. We opened a champagne bottle and I felt as I could take on the world I could conquer anything.
I watched him stick out his tongue and imitate me when he was only one weeks old. He shrieked at two months old because he had fixed his eyes on something but could not yet control his arm movements. He was quiet when I placed the object on his belly but his arms waved vigourously to the sides. He seemed so determined so quick and so eager to take on this world. He spoke his first word at six months often and consistentley for a few weeks and then no more I did not worry he was to young for words anyways.
They did not come again, those words or at least they appeared in a strange inconsistent manner. He seemed to have forgotten things he had learned he seemed aimless. Complicated words appeared that were gone as soon as they appeared. He walked early and was off...........running away stark naked he always took off all his clothes and I never could take my eyes off him i have not quite recovered from that watchfulness and I still hve not let my guard down.
He was sixteen months old mastering the mouse on our computer and playing games. He was two years old and putting together 100 pieces of pussles. Putting the pieces in the middle of the field in a strange exact manner. I had no idea what to make of him, this sweet mannered gentle child that hugged and kissed and laughed but did not say mamma and never asked for anything.

Today five years later we surely need this empowerment his manner of birth gave to us we surely need this believe that he will conquer all his troubles and we will pave his way as much as we can.

Who has a birthday today?............ you?
no it is you. You?
No say I. I

how old are you.. five
GREAT you are five.

He is at playschool wearing a birthday crown and working hard for his future. I will pick him up early today and we are buying a bike. Baking a cake and making a birthday with him and his brothers.
I will later write about the troubles we are having in keeping the pace of his program but today it is his birthday.
Happy birthday son.


  1. Happy birthday Sturla:)

    My son also 'lost' words but seems to crawl/walk and do lots of other things early. Sounds very much like Sturla (except my one was not at all a quiet sleeping baby!!)

    Hope he has a lovely day.