Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curriculum update

Wh questions. I am somewhat pleased that he is not confusing them much.Some combinations seem to be harder than others especially when the questions contain many similar words or when he has not mastered the meaning completely.
Like where.
So we are working more on where.

Imagination I found a program that goes like this.
What is this?... a spoon.
What do you do with a spoon? I eat
What can a spoon be used for? Then we teach multiple answers and the goal is to get him to come up with his own ideas. Spoon can be a sword a guitar or even a tail.
We just started. I can tell in a few days how it is going.

We are finishing the last bits of the program that teaches occupations and characters like king and queen and such stuff. Then we have ample material for more complex wh questions.
What does a king do?
Who rules and wears a crown?
What does the ghost do?
Who boos and is scary?

He like that last one.

Everything has do do with questions and answers Imagine a day whee you would not answer a single one or ask for anything. Statements, demands, descriptions, unasked information.
Not many conclusions.

Naming from categories, like name me an animal. Can you name an other one? Do you know more and more and more slowly extracting bits and pieces of information. I am worrying we are not doing it right or not reinforcing right.
I need do check into this an d really really would like to see some one working on this properly. This will give many opportunities for games when mastered. Games to play in the car for example.

Social stuff. BLah.
WE are lagging. There have been difficulties at the play school in getting the hang of it. I hired someone to direct the program for them and she just started taking a baseline of what needs to be done I like her immensely but she needs time to get things started, besides she will be away for two weeks next month. And we are changing therapists. So this will take time. I am pushing them to start and to act quickly neverthless. Pushing and pushing.

Another thing we have started is a diary. The purpose is to teach concepts like today and yesterday. To start using past tense and to get him to understand the meaning of past tense.

A visual schedule is to be made with the concepts yesterday today and tomorrow. Solely for the purpose of teaching those concepts.

Another visual schedule for his day at play school . The never got around to it. To my utter annoyance so either they make ti this week or I make it for them.

We are preparing for retelling and talking about shared experience. A conversational skill much needed and a skill that would be appreciated by us his parents.

I want chit chat.

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  1. Oooh how I want chit chat too
    More than 80% of typical language is declarative and I want that so badly too