Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vacation out of the blue

A sudden vacation.
Yes... I knew about it I just forgot... or chose to forget.
I am just whining
So his therapist went on a two weeks vacation.
And she is quitting on top of it.
There is no one to keep up the ping pong at playschool I am working and I have an illustration project due in a few weeks. I am drowning and deeply and thoroughly annoyed.
I fetch him as soon as I am done working and I do the drawing at night or not... I hate having to postpone... I want to deliver on time.
My son has a right for certain services and to me those services make the difference between a semblance of normalcy in daily living or a chaotic keep it up and pay the price of exhaustion again.
I am tired of whining...
I just want it to work.

The good part is he started talking more and more just now in a few days it is amazing.
I mumbled what day is it. He answered it is wednesday. I I do not get it. He does not understand the concept of morning and evening and now he tells me it is wednesday. (thursday I mean I keep mixing them up)
Surprised does not cover it.
Any suggestions?


  1. Very upsetting about the therapist. I hope you can find a replacement quickly and easily. Not sure what to say about 'Wednesday', I wouldn't have expected it either! Jen

  2. I meant thursday...
    the right day but just as surprising.

  3. OMG what a lovely but of devt to answer a question like that !!!
    WHat a shock about thetherapist