Sunday, September 26, 2010

Regrouping in the rain

The rain is pouring.. pouring like it never did when I was a child. Must be global warming.
The leaves glisten in the dusk and it smells outside like a lush foreign place.
It used to blow sideways upwards and downwards and no one used umbrellas because it was not practical, not even possible in the wind.
Umbrellas were foreign and exotic in my mind as a child.
Different times and everything is soaking wet, now the rain pours straight down to the earth.
I am trying to unload my mind and get away. The boys are watching a video I have finished preparing the material for playschool tomorrow.
I feel uneasy.
Perhaps just tired. One more week without a therapist at playschool to go.
The new special ed teacher is busy putting up visual schedules and visual aides. I told her we did not need that, we wanted a different approach and she mentioned ideological differences...
I am tired of being angry.
I need a good nights sleep before I get mad again.

I am giving myself this evening and this rain.

Tomorrow there is work there is therapy and some drawings that wait but that is tomorrow.

Tomorrow there is a new beginning... as always. Tomorrow it will all work out.
drop by drop it will work out.

I promise myself and I promise you... my beautiful green eyed boy

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