Friday, August 20, 2010

Where from now... curriculum update

Compliance does not equal progress.

So he is working again but our program has been a mess and now some time must be taken do understand what we are doing and where we are going.
So many WH.
So wh questions. First we must teach him to dicriminate between all those types of questions and then we must get him to answer them in a mixture and then we intend to teach him to ask questions. Sounds pretty straight forward.
I am tearing what little is left of my hair out.
we are having a hard time planning and getting it, us, not him, not yet. I have no intentions of just starting something and not knowing exactly how i am going to finish it.
Stay tuned.

So what does a cook do and who cooks.
Going ok now we just forgot to do the nonverbal version first. Giving him a hard time no wonder he was getting non compliant we were not doing it right and making it too hard and not so much fun.
Sometimes we forget the basics.
No more I promise... never ever again.
Short cuts are not short cuts in the long run....
The thing is he loves to be good at something who does not and I intend to take every measure necessary to boost his confidence.

Back to categories. Time to add understanding and to ad more categories and to use them in a more conversational way.
First add categories
Then ask something like can you name me an animal ... and do you know another one et cetere.
Remember to do the nonverbal version first.
I intend to scribble it on my forehead.
I intend to rewrite all hmmm at least some and hopefully rather many of his old exercises into games.

We are playing I see a ...when driving. I see a red car or a woman with a stroller... a mountain... a tree a whatever. He likes it and has gotten pretty good at it this summer.
I need more game ideas like this.
Sometimes he makes something up... I see man with a silly hat and he replies I see a woman with a silly hat.
Are you lying?
NO you did not....
He giggles

Counting starting again from the very beginning now with very an explicit plan from certified professionals.
Deep breath...
If I loose it I intend to leave it all to my dear patient T.

General knowledge is fun and about time... only we again made the mistake of not doing the nonverbal version first... little backtracking and a tiny sigh.

Other things I am working on is pronouncation.
Building. I giving that already mastered program a facelift.. going well.

Social skills.
Playing with peers.
Joint attention.
Taking turns.
Asking to join

I am hoping to hire a person to run that program specifically.
I am quite tired and really need the help, it is to much for T as well besides she is new at this just like me.

PS. I got a the book Teach me language. Reading hungrily.

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  1. The 'I see' game is a brilliant idea. We are far away from being ready for it, but I will remember! Jen