Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back and forth and forth I hope again

I have managed to gain some behavioral control or in other somewhat nicer terms cooperation.
We are working smoothly again and now I just have to stay on top of it, at least until I fall off again.
I feel some steps are being made but I am unsure how exactly, perhaps because he followed corrections twice in a row so easily when on a break,I only showed him once and he did it and then I corrected pronouns and he corrected himself imediatly. there was something about the smoothness of it that made my heart beat a little faster...
Then perhaps it is just my hopes growing wings again.

we had a very good session this morning and then went on a day trip to þingvellir. The second session just before dinner was even better and he was happy, he worked fast and replied with a firm sure voice.
I have been having trouble with him whispering ,often so low I can hardly hear his voice. He does this both when unsure and when uninterested.
Not today.
Everything seemed clear and sure.
I wonder if replicating the rythm of our yesterday will produce another day like this one.
Long morning session, extended physical activity and a long break followed by a long session again.
I want all days to be good days.

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  1. I hear you .. I too want all days to be good days
    I think interesting days full of physical activiy are just awesome for our kiddos