Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At the request of K floortime light mama who left me an award on her blog

I love words like brocade and baroque. They roll off the tongue and are themselves as decorative and full as what they describe. I love words and how they rhyme.

I love the work of Hundertwasser and Lalique. Their work is full of endless details and I never get bored. I love Klimt and Kjarval and many others. I love art nouveau.

I love reading fairy tales, folk tales and fantasies. I love the connection to the past and to nature. I love nothing better than reading actually. I love museums and archeologie and the smell of old books.

I am curious about people and I love the sound of other languages the smell of different foods and I love to watch movies.

I gave homebirth to my four sons and the last birth was painless. It was the most amazing experience in my life. The ultimate control.

I draw and I write childrens books and I believe in dreams.

I eat too much sugar I drink too much coffee and I have a tendency to forget to eat and a tendency to have to much going at a time.

My dear hubby suggested that seven items about me would be..

me, him, our daughter, first son, second son, third son, and fourth son.
Funny guy
but there is a truth to that too

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  1. I loved your list - your DH may have a lot of truth in what he said
    The smell of old books is intoxicating to me as is reading in general
    Thank you for doing this