Friday, July 30, 2010

My name is...

Generalisation and fluency is at the top of my mind at the moment along with several other things.
This was a scenario I witnessed at playschool yesterday.
A little boy came and announced, as it seemed to no one in particular, perhaps just the world in general.
My name is G.
Sturla was silent he looked but said nothing I refrained from promting I wanted the scene to unwind naturally and see a natural response. So he watched and I felt he was obviously thinking.
The boy however did not have time to wait, four year olds are to busy to wait and they definately do not count to five or ten before expecting a response. So he exclaimed I have a Batman T shirt.
(I wondered if he had sneaked a lok at our program).
This time Sturla answered he looked at his T shirt and as it was quite ordinary and sported no special features, he thought for a moment and said my T shirt is like this. (Good job)
It was good but it was to slow, his skill in this particular program is still not fluent enough and I wonder if we have been going too fast reveling in new and new things not making the old skills fluid and truly usable. Skills have to become a part of you before you truly master them. They have to be like old shoes part of your feet so you do not feel them when you use them. One has to be able to act almost without thinking, that is a natural response.
I wonder how to address this and I know there is no shortcut I have to slow down and bactrack to generalise, already learnt items. I have to do more environmental teaching and more problem solving activities. And I have to make it into some sort of a organised schedule to know what I have done and what needs more work and so so on.
If I do not organise it all to the smallest details I freak out I have a love hate relationship with binders and folders. I have to much on my mind and just knowing where and what is on my laundry list calms me better than any drug.
Four year olds are funny, they go around and exclaim to the world facts about themselves, wanting recognition.
Hi world I exist.
It really boils down the essence of all human interactions.
This is what I want.
Hi world, I exist and I am prepared to take my place in life.


  1. OMG I think he did beautifully !
    Oh and this will totally come with practise - it will all come with practise
    Back and forth interactions are the fulcrum of floortime

  2. That is absolutely true practise practise and practise... there is no escaping it.