Thursday, July 22, 2010

lovaas advice to his therapists

this was posted as insights from UCLA on Lovaas Institute Blog

1. Concentrate on positive reinforcement. If it isn't working, you are not thinking or sweating enough.
2. Students do not fail to learn. We fail to teach.
3. Have fun! If the teacher is not having fun, imagine how the student feels.
4. Step outside the box sooner rather than later. Keep moving and changing your strategies. Good therapy should never feel comfortable. The therapists/instructors should always feel challenged to do better. "Good" is never good enough!

I better get back on track and bear this in mind. The lovaas study has flaws certainly and all this autism business is as floating and evasive as ever but the bottom line is children can learn adults can learn and so can I.


  1. That is excellent advice and something I need to take note of myself, thank you:) Jen

  2. you are back !!!!
    I missed you P
    Good advice