Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enjoying the good stuff

The last month has been very unstructured due to many reasons and I feel both relieved and sad that playschool starts again on monday. Relieved because therapy will start again and his teaching will be resumed and sad because I miss the leisurely hours and regret the fact I am incapable of dooing all the work that needs to be done on my own, I have tried and failed.I need other people to keep up his hours. I cannot let myself burn out and I need a break. Summer is always a good time for change and the change is scenery is dooing him good he has been camping he has been in resturants and he asks his brothers and cousins to play, they in turn need to be prompted and pushed to oblige him. He can not follow their complex imaginary playing. Still the progress is obvious. His interest is steadily increasing and watching him at the breakfast table this morning as his little cousins spent the night he was happy and imitating the sillyness displayed by allt the five little boys that sat around him. I am glad that he is so obviously trying. He loves dressing up and just now brings me his batman costume. He greeted me this morning with a wig and a fake nose "look at me".
Yes, I am looking sweetheart.
In fact I cannot take my mind of you at all.

Summer outing

Look at me!

Happy block building


Enjoying his brothers birthday party. He loves birthdays.


Musical session with dad.


  1. P - he is stunning
    Even though you may feel like you "failed"
    I dont feel that at all
    Maybe this is what he needed
    he is BLOSSOMING

  2. OMG P I just saw the birthday video
    HE IS PRICELESS CHARMING IRRESISTABLE - I could just give him a hug
    dont worry about him please
    he is going to be just fine
    ALl the foundation appears to be there totally