Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet spring

Finally, the weather is changing and so with it, my mood. I adore those rainy spring days. I have not worn my red polka dot raincoat in months and now nothing else will do.
Sturla scrutinizes my attire and approves. He touches my lips and is happy that I have put on lipstick. Then he brings me a pair of earrings.
He has an eye for detail.
He himself puts a crown on his head and with a terrifying sword decorated with skulls, he is ready for playschool.
He is a knight and the king.
I am the polka dot queen.
The trees are dripping wet decorated with silvery raindrops.
The frost is gone and I can smell the earth.
We are ready for anything.


  1. marvelous
    how i long for pix of what u describe

  2. you are lovely !!!
    I adore your coat
    Love the spring picture
    is that your house in the background?

  3. No, I am standing in front of the house. The messy garden is all mine though.