Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The knight

in the high castle

branding his sword

at a concert

wearing the superman outfit


He lost focus when he saw me with the camera. He had been doing so fine and his brothers were just perfect with him. It is late in the day and attention span shortens as the hours increase. I try to keep the distance between the children relatively short , otherwise both ball and attention can go astray. And lol it did.


  1. Porgerdour he is BEAUTIFUL
    In floortime terms he is doing amazingly
    and what you see as lost attention in the ball thing - is a really lovely thing called joint attention where he is looking at you constantly
    how can anyone be anything but VERY hopeful for the future

  2. Thank you for that very nice comment.
    I kind of get stuck on an agenda, wanting him to focus on the play and his brothers.

  3. you are very very welcome I meant every word - but this makes me think you must read Engaging Autism
    Social referencing is a skill that most Auties take years to build !
    It is one thing ( and a very good thing too) modify behavior ( which we also do through ABA )
    QUite another thing to build a fundamental building block like social referencing
    Its the foundation of the house
    And of course we need both the foundation ( through any kind of developmental play ) and the lovely structure on top ( thru ABA )

  4. Oh, he is lovely indeed! Was your blog always in English? For some reason, I didn't think I could read it. I've missed out, but will catch up.

    What a beautiful child, and he's doing so well. It makes me teary to watch. You're doing a great job.

  5. Yes i started in english for some reason.
    Well no one is really blogging in Iceland about autism in the same way and variety as in the english speaking zone so it would have been lonely.
    Glad you stopped by.