Thursday, May 13, 2010

Imaginary play.

Yesterday Sturla sought me out bringing a little kit of cups and dishes.
Mamma. Do you want coffee.
Yes please.
Then he laid out dishes and cups and prepared our little party.
I was so astounded and happy wanting to share the news so I called my daughter who was down stairs.
Look , look what he is doing.
As soon as I called her name he stood up from his game and ran to the stairs.
Sola, Sola do you want coffee?
Then he laid down a cup for her and a dish by the side.
Can we have cake? we asked and he opened a can of dough and gave each one of us a piece. Spooning the stuff into our mouths and laughing at his sisters face when she tasted dough.
Oh this is disgusting, tasting it himself, making a face and laughing.
The sequence of the game is learned. The use of dough and laying out the table.
But seeking us out and adding his sister to the game is all his own idea.
The initiative.
The joy in playing.
This moment is to remember.